Installation and Commissioning

After delivery of components and equipment, our experienced technicians and specialists are able to assemble and commission. The scope of our activities depends on your needs and can range from small service calls, through supervised assembly (monitoring and technical direction) to complete installation. Over the entire setting-up period our experts shall always assume full responsibility for the equipment and shall always be at your side when needed.

Energy Survey

Improve Performance and Productivity | Save Energy | Achieve Reliability

What It Involves

Choose a steam system audit to benchmark your overall system. We'll scale an audit to your needs, from assessing just a single plant room, right up to your entire steam system.
Surveys are typically part of the audit process and may also be recommended in an audit's report.

Today, you may face tough challenges as our other customers, from rapidly rising fuel prices, to tightening safety and environmental legislation, to shortages of specialist skills. As experienced and knowledgeable expert in steam systems, AreaGrid can help address such issues associated with your plant through our Steam System Audits & Surveys.

We tailor to your process or application and your budget. It can include the complete steam distribution loop, starting with the water treatment plant, right through to process applications and condensate return.

We are able to analyse the entire system and its operation, focusing on energy efficiency, health & safety or best practice. Following the on-site work, a detailed and comprehensive report is produced and presented back to you.
Audit of tank cleaning, pumps and valves systems with consequential improvement of your systems includes various operations: starting with mapping of pumps and finishing with evaluation of efficiency of the component system as a whole