Filters and Strainers

Filters have a wide range of applications in the food-processing, cosmetics and some chemical industries as well as in auxiliary services of the pharmaceutical industry.
They have a hygienic design and are used to filter particles capable of damaging pumps and other equipment. If any undesirable particles are present in the product flow entering a membrane filtration installation, the efficiency and durability of the entire filtration system will be severely affected. Inline filters are designed to prevent this.

These particle-retaining slot tube filters specially designed to comply with sanitary requirements. The standard filter cartridge features 100-micron (0.004-inch) slots. 50-micron, 200-micron and 300 micron filter cartridges are also available upon request.

Filters are available with 38 mm, 51 mm and 76 mm diameter connections in order to meet a wide range of flow requirements.

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Filter strainer, Filter housing