Angle Irons

Stainless Angle Iron is a hot rolled stainless angle shape with inside radius corners that is ideal for all structural applications where greater strength and superior corrosion resistance is required. 304 Stainless

Angle has a durable dull, grainy mill finish that is widely used for all types of fabrication projects that are exposed to the elements – chemical, acidic, fresh water, and salt water environments.

Stainless steel angles are ideal for giving your building durable support. They can be used for applications ranging from covers, holders, posts and frames, to trims, tracks and girts. In the construction industry, they’re widely used for building homes and other structures, to give the buildings durable support. In the marine, chemical and food processing industries, stainless steel angles are ideal for braces and framework.

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Welding = Excellent
Machining / Grinding = Fair
Bending / Forming = Good
Corrosion Resistance = Excellent